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Peaceful Productivity® Executive Coaching

- activates self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and self-mastery
- aligns core values, identifies key strengths, uncovers blind spots
- opens perspectives to improve thinking, communication, and relationships
- unlocks creativity, clarity, and energy
-develops mindfulness, curiosity, and agility.

You gain balance, vital resilience, and get more done where and when it matters most!

Executive Coaching

- is a collaborative process designed for Top Business Leaders, Senior Executives, New and Experienced People Managers. 

- Clients say working with me enables them to achieve their most important goals with mindfulness, healthier balance, greater agility and, higher productivity than they ever imagined.

You learn to thrive in our turbulent, disruptive world of today and tomorrow!

100-day Fast Track for Executives

First impressions and first actions of any new employee are critical, and even more so when the individual is an executive or senior manager in a key business area.

This Executive Coaching and on-boarding program is designed to enable the newly placed executive to rapidly become effective and successful in the new environment.

Dynamic Woman Leader

The Dynamic Woman Leader coaching program accompanies women leaders and young professionals to expand competencies in areas of personal mastery, leadership, life balance, and influence.

Team Leadership & Learning Facilitation 

Peaceful Productivity® Executive Coaching helps team leaders and teams to become more collaborative and efficacious by optimizing the unique strengths and contributions of each individual.  Whether you are looking for a team building event, or ongoing team development, we offer several options to fit your needs.

 Gather Feedback
– 360° questionnaires, leadership and other assessments

The 360° process provides feedback to the leader that is based on the behaviors that others see. This allows the leader to understand how effective he or she is from the points of view of co-workers.

Self-awareness, hidden potential, and blind spots become apparent.

Partner with Virginia, an ICF certified professional coach (PCC), experienced, independent, confidential, your “sounding board” and thinking partner.

- a Success Strategy to Unleash Motivation for Inspired Performance, Sustainable Results and Peace of Mind

- a Success Strategy to Unleash Motivation for Inspired Performance, Sustainable Results and Peace of Mind