Peaceful Productivity® Executive Coaching

P.E.A.C.E. Coaching Process


P    Purpose

Define the purpose, focus, objectives and outcomes of the coaching engagement

E    Explore

Explore current context, identify core values, competencies, strengths, blind spots, and co-create your learning plan - your Personal Peace Plan™ (PPP™)

A    Accelerate

Activate your PPP™ learning plan, and practice between sessions to deepen your learning

C    Consciously Reflect

With mindful awareness, take time regularly to reflect on your progress and align behaviors accordingly

E    Enjoy

Celebrate your accomplishments, your new mindset, and carry forward your practices and learning


Peaceful Productivity® Executive Coaching Modules for Integral Transformation

  • I. Personal Peace Plan
    • Deepening Self-Awareness and Self-Leadership
  • II. Purposeful Leadership Plan
    • Inspiring Teamwork and Shared Purpose
  • III. Legacy & Sustainability Plan
    • Purpose beyond Success

You are invited to explore the positive possibilities with Virginia and the Peaceful Productivity® P.E.A.C.E. process!

Virginia Williams, Executive Leadership Coach & Mindfulness Mentor for Top Business Leaders