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Career Transition



Preparing for your Next career move?

Sustainable Decisions for Career and Life

  • Are you looking to enhance or define your next career move?
  • Seek more satisfaction and fulfillment at work?
  • Want to enjoy peace of mind and life balance?
  • Prepare to advance to the next level?
  • Be more entrepreneurial?  Start your own business? Take that big step!
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Engaging with us, you gain Focus, Structure, Motivation and Momentum to identify the way forward, take concrete steps to realize your desired career, develop practices to sustain your journey - while enjoying greater fulfillment and life balance.

Find Your Fit

Our ‘Find Your Fit’ Career Transition program offers you a tailor-made career and life ‘checkup and reboot’ package designed for building a sustainable career. ‘Find Your Fit’ combines the talents, expertise and networks of two experienced professionals.

Virginia Williams, MBA, PCC, ICF Certified Professional and executive coach, former corporate executive, author, business founder and owner Ventures Worldwide Sàrl, partners with you to ‘Find Your Fit’ – combining professional coaching, specific career-related guidance, mentoring, motivation, and concrete action planning to maintain your focus.

Carolyn Lutz, MBA, MA, BSci Psychology - experienced multicultural manager, executive search professional, and business founder.

Depending on your specific needs, ‘Find Your Fit’ options are flexible and cover:

– Inventory - taking stock

– Purpose & Values - getting clear

– Road Map - co-creating how to get there

    100-day Fast Track for Executives

    First impressions and first actions of any new employee are critical, and even more so when the individual is an executive or senior leader in a key business area.

    This program is designed to enable the newly placed executive or other leader in transition to rapidly become effective and successful in the new environment.

    All too often top executives leave after a short while, due to lack of fit or disillusionment. Some estimate this cost at €250’000 and more when an executive leaves within six months. Can your organization afford this loss of time and money?

    We have a viable alternative.