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Dynamic Woman Leader



your path to Personal Mastery


This Dynamic Woman Leader (DWL) coaching program accompanies women leaders and young professionals to expand competencies in areas of personal mastery, leadership, life balance. and influence. This program concentrates on personal impact and presence, communication across all levels, gaining influence, managing stress, being mindful and enjoying the process. 

You work with Virginia Williams, an executive coach and former corporate executive, who brings experience, expertise and a dose of mentoring to co-create your way to personal fulfillment and professional success.

Benefits and Learning

  • grow self-confidence & self-awareness
  • develop influencing skills and assertiveness
  • strengthen strategic thinking  and compelling vision
  • develop the art of saying "no"
  • speak up, find your voice
  • learn to manage up, across and down
  • be more mindful in stressful situations
  • deliver with poise in critical professional interactions
  • handle difficult conversations
  • enjoy greater life balance and peace of mind
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dynamic woman leader

The Dynamic Woman Leader program offers you executive coaching especially designed for women.  It is designed to partner with you to develop your self-confidence, executive presence, and your ability to communicate in a wide variety of professional situations with poise and effectiveness.

You learn and practice through dialogue, role-plays, self-assessment tools and other learning activities to strengthen and reinforce what happens in the coaching sessions.  Insights, new perspectives, and practice between sessions are pathways to incorporate and increase your sense of individual worth and confidence.

Executive Coaching gives you Focus, Structure, Motivation and Momentum to identify the way forward, take concrete steps to realize your desired career, develop practices to sustain your journey - while enjoying greater personal satisfaction and life balance.