Looking for Specialized Coaching?

We deliver customized executive coaching programs and services to meet the specific needs of the individual leader, especially in critical times of ongoing and disruptive change. 

100-day fast track for Executives

Find Your Fit Career Transition

Our ‘Find Your Fit’ Career Transition program offers you a tailor-made career and life ‘checkup and reboot’ package designed for building a sustainable career.

100-day fast track for executives

First impressions and first actions of any new employee are critical, and even more so when the individual is an executive or senior manager in a key business area.
This program is designed to enable the newly placed executive or other leader to rapidly become effective and successful in the new environment.

dynamic woman leader

Want to develop your own unique leadership style?

The Dynamic Woman Leader program offers you a tailor-made executive coaching program especially designed for women.  DWL is designed to partner with you to develop your self-confidence, executive presence, and your ability to communicate in a wide variety of professional situations with poise and effectiveness.

Women often face challenges in addition to the usual workplace demands.  Taking gender into consideration can bring added emphasis to the coaching process to cover specific areas.

As a woman and former corporate executive who successfully rose through the hierarchy, I bring my successes, failures and learning experiences to the coaching engagement.  You benefit from  from my personal experience and training, as well as the experience of the many women executives I have coached and mentored. 

team leading

Interested to take your team to the next level?

Looking for a memorable team learning event to get to know each other better and to improve your capacity to work together as a high performing team? Or perhaps you are looking for a way to celebrate as a team, or as part of a larger event.

Taking off together is a complex process. Sustaining performance and motivation takes an inspiring vision, self-awareness and capacity to tap into your essential energy sources. This is where we can add value for you and your team.

Peaceful PRODUCTIVITY® Executive Coaching offers unique and individualized solutions to new challenges, career transitions, promotions, that you are facing.

The time is NOW.

This is a call to action for all Leaders to learn new ways to make a Positive Difference for yourself and others!