Virginia Williams

Clients say my coaching and group facilitation style is insightful, specific, confidence-building and catalytic.

Virginia Williams, MBA, PCC & Founder

Founder and Managing Director of Ventures Worldwide Sàrl, Virginia Williams, MBA, PCC,  Executive Coach, Mindfulness Mentor, business coach, leadership and learning facilitator, author, speaker and provider of Peaceful Productivity® - a Business Success Strategy to Unleash Motivation for Inspired Performance, Extraordinary Results and Peace of Mind.

A former corporate executive and widely trained executive coach, clients benefit from my strong background in professional coaching, leading teams, achieving results and respecting values-based strategies. My clients are top executives, team leaders, and other business professionals. Through the coaching journey, clients achieve greater alignment of personal values, utilize their strengths, and find greater ease and meaning at work. 

Those who know me well say I have a reputation for anticipating clients’ needs and enabling them to find meaning and motivation, and to achieve desired outcomes with greater balance than previously imagined.

Peaceful Productivity® Executive Coaching

"I created a coaching methodology that allows already successful leaders to examine all dimensions of themselves and to expand parts of themselves that are dormant, or in need of expression into their life. You become a better, happier, more productive YOU! "


Professional Experience

With a focus on leadership, mindfulness, and responsible action, Virginia helps clients build values-based changes where leadership and talent development, balancing professional objectives and personal goals, empowering employees, inspiring teamwork, delighting internal and external stakeholders, and achieving sustainable results are key business drivers.

Virginia brings fresh and innovative perspectives to inspire individuals and teams to grow profitably and productively and with greater mindfulness, efficacy and peace of mind. She has over sixteen years’ experience in senior professional management as well as 20-plus years of successful commercial sales operations and sales management experience, most recently as Vice President, Global Sales Development with SITA, in Geneva, Switzerland.

Education, Training & Certifications

Virginia received a Masters Degree in Business (MBA) from University California Berkeley and earned le certificat de langue française from the Université Paris Sorbonne. She is bilingual English-French, credentialed ICF PCC (Professional Certified Coach), Newfield Certified Coach™ (NCC™) - graduate of Newfield Network’s “Foundations of Ontological Learning - Advanced Coach Training Program,” completed Fielding Graduate University module on “Evidence Based Coaching,” Appreciative Coaching, and a wide variety of other coach-specific training.  She is certified on many widely used 360° and other assessment instruments.

Leadership, Volunteering and Speaking

Virginia served as the Board President of the International Coach Federation Switzerland 2006-2011 and Chapter Leader ICF Suisse Romande/Geneva chapter from April 2005 to December 2011; Conference Chair of the ICF European Coaching conference 2008 - ECC2008, co-leader of the ICF in Europe 2007-2011, and Chair of ICF Switzerland Prism Award Switzerland 2015 and 2016. She is an invited speaker by many coaching and other professional organizations.

She is affiliated with a number of worldwide executive coaching networks.  Since 2007, she works with the World Economic Forum Global Leadership Fellows program as Executive Coach.  As a Venture Coach and jury member for Venture Business Plan Contests since 2004, Virginia is one of a team of professional business coaches and jury members helping young entrepreneurs develop professional business plans.

Creator of Peaceful Productivity® Executive Coaching and Leadership programs

Peaceful Productivity® - a success strategy to Unleash Motivation for Inspired Performance, Extraordinary Results and Peace of Mind