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Peaceful Productivity®
Executive COACHING
  - for Top Executives & Business Professionalscheetah running for happiness

ventures worldwide focuses on partnering with leaders and teams to facilitate and deepen learning to deliver predictable and sustainable results and outcomes.

Our aim is to help organizations, teams and individuals expand in all areas of personal responsibility and efficacy by focusing on key drivers, effective practices, behaviors and measures needed to bring about the desired outcomes.  We provide tailored professional services and programs to partner with clients in multinational, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations to enhance sustainable performance in multicultural and rapidly changing environments.

- a Business Success Strategy to Unleash Motivation for
Inspired Performance, Extraordinary Results and Peace of Mind


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Executive Coaching: Peaceful PRODUCTIVITY® COACHING activates self-awareness and “emotional intelligence.” Shifting current perspectives enables wiser decision making.  Coaching supports the leader in prioritizing core professional and personal values, identifying strengths and hidden potential, and enables individuals to take full responsibility for their chosen paths of action. Proven many times and in many situations, coaching transforms the executive’s performance from lackluster to outstanding.

Vital goals are attained faster and with greater ease, leaders, teams and organizations are energized and empowered to sustain improvements, and employees are motivated and engaged.

100-day fast track for executives - Onboarding for Leaders in Transition
First impressions and first actions of any new employee are critical, and even more so when the individual is an executive or senior manager in a key business area. This program is designed to enable the newly placed executive or other leader in transition to rapidly become effective and successful in the new environment.

All too often top executives leave after a short while, due to lack of fit or disillusionment. Some estimate this cost at 250’000 € if an executive leaves within six months.  Bradford Smart in “Topgrading” provides calculations indicating the organization cost of an executive who leaves within one year is 25 to 40 times their annual salary. Can you afford this? We have a viable alternative. By implementing 100-day fast track program, the Client Company improves its return on personnel investment through a planned integration of executives, senior managers with a new assignment and, of course, with new hires.

100-day fast track for executives offers employers and employees alike many tangible, sustainable benefits.  Our program can increase Client Company’s return on investment for the new employee by optimizing the first 100 days and building a strong foundation from the start.   To receive our 100-day fast track for executives brochure, click here.

360° Leadership Effectiveness Assessment: The MRG LEA 360° online questionnaires or customized in-person interview process offers the executive the opportunity to receive confidential feedback from key stakeholders.  Working with the executive coach, the coached executive receives informed feedback with which to design and implement an action plan to strengthen key areas and develop new and more effective practices.

Shadow Coaching: the coach observes the coached executive in work settings. This can include team meetings, presentations or other important business interactions. The client benefits from immediate feedback from a trained professional coach. 

Leadership & Learning Facilitation:  To deliver rapid business improvement and employee satisfaction on the job, ventures worldwide helps organizations become more collaborative and efficace by optimizing the contributions of individuals and teams. We embrace a holistic approach to people and business that supports personal and professional balance to attain your goals.

Are you ready to unleash the gains professional executive coaching holds for you?  To see what benefits you seek, >> Coaching Benefits Exercise

Managers are people who do things right, while leaders are people who do the right thing.
 - Warren Bennis, Ph.D. "On Becoming a Leader"



In summary, ventures worldwide combines a track record of delivering positive return on investment through with personnel and professional development.  An organization’s success rests on the capabilities and efficacy of its people.  We offer innovative and proven Executive Coaching, Team and Business Coaching and Leadership and Learning Facilitation programs to enhance these attributes and increase our clients’ chances for long-term sustainable success and happiness.

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