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For High Potential & Team Leaders
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Business Coaching, Leadership and Learning Facilitation

for High Potential and Team Leaders, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Key Learning Focus Areas:
  • Leadership, Presence & Impact
  • Values, Vision & Strategy
  • Connecting Across Cultures
  • Communication, Influence & Trust
  • Engaging Teams & Developing Talent
  • Negotiating Conflict
  • Orchestrating Change & Sustaining Transformation

We help bring your plan out of obscurity.  As an executive, team leader or business owner, you benefit from our experience and expertise to help gain overall strategy for the practical next steps.  We help you bridge the gap from brilliant idea to viable business. You gain practical business skills, enhanced emotional intelligence and people leadership skills.  We catalyze your strengths and bring the needed structure and focus to make your business idea a reality.

Starting a new business or joining a new team can be daunting and overwhelming without proper resources. Let us help you gain the perspective and balance needed so you are successful.

Engaging in the coaching process, you ...

  • Gain Self-Awareness and Self Confidence
  • Develop Mindfulness practices to improve focused attention
  • Enhance your leadership and management competencies
  • Identify your Core Personal Values
  • Recognize core Strengths and how to employ them
  • Tap into your Essential Motivation
  • Uncover and name team culture attributes
  • Set priorities and action plan - personal and professional
  • Attract and develop team members for success
  • Define strategy, priorities and desired outcomes
  • Prepare yourself for success with life balance and greater happiness

For Team Leaders - Facilitated Learning

Peaceful PRODUCTIVITY® Executive Coaching

    Activate self-awareness, self-management and motivation. Strengthening self-confidence and emotional intelligence increases job satisfaction and performance.  Shifting current perspectives enables wiser decision making.  Coaching supports the executive to name core professional and personal values, identify strengths and competencies.  Clients are enabled take full responsibility for their chosen paths of action. Proven many times and in many situations, coaching transforms an executive’s performance from lackluster to outstanding.

100-day fast track for executives

    offers employers and employees alike many tangible, sustainable benefits.  Our program can increase Client Company’s return on investment for the new employee by optimizing the first 100 days and building a strong foundation from the start. >> to learn more about our 100-day fast track for executives brochure

    This 100-day programs accompanies leaders in transition and is an invaluable support to newly appointed or promoted managers. Strongly focused on people and self-management skills this program enables them to recognize and build on their strengths, to adapt their style and to act with self-confidence in a new environment. Our program initiates this process - discovering new possibilities, developing necessary skills and competencies, whil encouraging ongoing self-learning and networking among peers to maximize effective ness on the job. We provide the foundation on which to build long-term success, which benefits both the individual and the organization into which they are aligned.

Before one can execute a vision or strategy, one must first describe it.

The Rule of 3 for ESSENTIAL MOTIVATION, accessing identity, energy and vision

Essential motivation is connecting neuroscience, positive psychology and mindfulness.

The myth of predictability is over. The world is increasingly interconnected and complex. Navigating with direct perception of constant change is essential. Not only do we need to get out of bed in the morning, but also we need to jump out of the box to realize a more fulfilling life. At the same time, more of us are experiencing a growing hunger for greater humanity, freedom, and meaning. We are at a shifting point where each voice matters. Using mindfulness and positive neuroscience-to connect with your unique identity, to tap into your essential energy sources, to move with consistency toward your vision-this session invites you to a dance of insights, inspiration, and connections. New actions require new thinking, new ways of being with ourselves and others, and renewable motivation to bring vision into reality.

Applying recent research in neuroscience, positive psychology, and mindfulness, this session provides tools and experiential exercises to develop practices to live and coach more and more in a dynamic state of essential motivation.

Strategic Vision Building

    Hands-on learning with entrepreneurs and team leaders to define the strategy and gain agreement on the actions to be taken to implement this strategy.

    So what is Strategic Vision? It is the process of thinking about and envisioning the future to which you aspire.  It represents the growth you will have to realize to achieve that future state. It also includes a process by which you analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your people, your business, products, and services, as well as your competitors.

    It is more than simple long-range planning, which typically only identifies current business trends in order to anticipate the future, and then forces plans to be developed accordingly. It is more than reviewing and analyzing numbers and then utilizing them to project the future.

    Strategic visioning is a pro-active, holistic approach to building your business and your team which allows you to create your future, not simply react to current business trends.  An effective strategic planning process causes you to define the future you want to create for yourself, your team and your business. While the strategic "plan" will be crystallized and turned into specific and measurable criteria and goals, the critical, initial ingredient is taking time for reflective thinking.

Why not engage with an executive coach and thought partner to move closer to your desired future state.

To learn more and to explore how we might work together,
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A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it,
bearing within him the image of a cathedral.
-  Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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