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Peaceful Productivity® Executive Coaching
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 Peaceful Productivity®
Executive Coaching

Gaining Personal Power to Unleash Motivation for Inspired Performance, Extraordinary Results and Peace of Mind


As a leader you are in a privileged position to inspire and activate people to commit themselves to a common context.  You are expected to stand up as a model of excellence for others to follow. Clarity of vision, choice of personal strategies, confidence in decision-making and follow-through nurture the trust people have in you.  Coaching gives you the personal power and mastery to meet this exciting challenge.

Peaceful PRODUCTIVITY® Executive COACHING programs offer an ongoing partnership designed to provide the focus, structure and momentum to guide executives and managers in mastering the art and science of leadership – and to achieve personal and professional goals in a rapidly changing environment. Committing to coaching is a very powerful strategy to develop a culture for sustainable success. Planned results are achieved faster and sustained more easily with a greater sense of fulfillment.

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“Nothing happens without personal transformation.” - W. E. Deming


Coaching benefits the individual, the team and the organization by building leadership at every level and strengthening the overall management capacity. Teams benefit in that they are helped to integrate multiple perspectives towards a common goal.  The individual gains increased performance and motivation to excel on any number of measurable criteria.

Peaceful PRODUCTIVITY® COACHING Programs offer executives, business owners, managers and employees many tangible, sustainable benefits and deliver positive impact to leadership skills and organizational performance.  We work with you in a collaborative process that amplifies and accelerates your self-discovery, promotes clarity, creativity and choice, develops new practices, and helps you achieve your goals more quickly and more efficiently.

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More benefits:

  • Enhance Self-Awareness and Self-Confidence
  • Discover your unique mix of strengths
  • Gain clarity and organizational context
  • Achieve greater personal effectiveness and balance
  • Develop ‘emotional intelligence’ and mindfulness
  • Enhance specific skills – leadership, communication, presence
  • Reduce stress, increase flexibility and resilience
  • Cultivate original, creative thinking
  • Activate people to commit to context, vision and goals
  • Stimulate team spirit to master adversity and uncertainty
  • Partner with a certified professional coach who is experienced, independent, confidential and a “sounding board”

Organizations offering coaching send clear signals about their attitude towards people resources - people are valuable. And valued employees are more likely to sustain a learning and development culture.

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