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Engagement Process
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8-Step Engagement Process
 a detailed view of the coaching engagement

1. Scope ENGAGEMENT for appropriate FIT

  • timing, mode of delivery, key stakeholders, frequency and length of coaching mandate

2. Clarify FOCUS and OUTCOMES

  • define coaching objectives, success measures and outcomes

3. TAKE STOCK of current situation

  • 360° assessments, interviews, leadership styles, organization culture, interpret data

4. Establish TRUST and CONNECTION

  • coaching style is open, flexible, insightful, confidence-building, and catalytic
  • create safe, supportive environment that produces ongoing mutual respect and trust

5. Engage fully in one:one COACHING

  • COACH brings:  experience, expertise, professional training, and the Peaceful PRODUCTIVITY® Executive Coaching methodology, plus
  • relevant models, exercises and tools, powerful questioning, active listening, creating awareness, role plays, uncovering options, opportunities and obstacles, designing actions, planning and goal-setting, managing progress and accountability, recognizing successes
  • CLIENTS gain:  a “safe” environment to practice new ideas and styles, shift perspectives to generate alternatives, heighten self-awareness, increase social awareness and the impact on interpersonal relationships, develop expanded set of management/leadership styles, communication skills and effective presentations, feedback and feed-forward, handling conflict, increase learning capacity and speed, to be more productive consistently with greater peace of mind

6. Define PRACTICE exercises to reinforce new learning

  • agree activities to sustain the learning between sessions and beyond mandate
  • incorporate new practices to increase mindfulness and self-awareness
  • encourage journaling and reading to deepen learning experience


  • recognize original objectives, success measures and outcomes

8. CLOSE the coaching engagement

  • follow up with coaching sponsor to satisfactory closure

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 Peaceful PRODUCTIVITY® Executive Coaching with a certified professional coach?
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