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Executive Coaching

Virginia's coaching by far exceeded my expectations. Her understanding of my specific problems, her empathic approach to pinpointing the real hidden issues and getting me to resolve them were just amazing. This was truly a very enjoyable learning experience. I definitely recommend it for any person who wishes to push himself towards excellence.  If you are ready to open up, you will enjoy the journey and the results.”
 - Hamid Lavassani, Industry Manager, Caterpillar Sàrl

“Coaching with Virginia Williams will change your life and bring out your prepared to move forward!” - Brian Dorsey, New York, USA

I am a now a more powerful leader, a better manager and a stronger individual, all as a result of coaching with Virginia. Heike Marquordt, Director, Marketing Communications, HP EMEA

“Working with Virginia, I have become optimistic!  I feel I have control over my my future.  I am able to make critical decisions much more easily. And I am taking positive action!”
 - Keith, Lausanne, Switzerland

“ I have gained courage and motivation to do what I really want to do. Virginia’s energy, focus and understanding gives me the added courage to take this action.  Her insightful questions help me to see the path forward.   My life is more in balance and I feel less stress.” - J. Graves, Lausanne, Switzerland

Team Building

The team building session with Virginia was excellent. The organization of the event was top and the 2nd day really useful. Good stuff (and you know I wouldn’t say this without meaning it). I would like to do this again for my team in 4th quarter.  Thank you.  - Luis C., Marcom Mgr, large global IT company, Stuttgart, Germany

Keynote Speaking

“Dear Virginia, your interactive speech on “Professional Coaching” at our MIB Luncheon on May 7 attracted an exceptionally large audience. This, coupled with the smashing applause and the enthusiastic feedback, speaks well to your presentation in terms of value, content and style. This was a home run!
Let me sincerely thank you for that. I will strongly recommend you to others.

Dieter A. Wullschleger, President of the Montreux International Business Club

Dynamic Woman Manager Workshop

"The Dynamic Woman Manager training, facilitated by Virginia, was a great experience.  She was able to create a unique environment of trust so that everybody in the seminar could share their thoughts and feelings. She coached us during group exercises and allowed for individualism, still keeping the group learning in mind. I had a lot of fun and gained many practical applications from the course, not only for business but also for my personal life."  - Bärbel Fotteler, Basel, Switzerland
"I am not sure I am able to put in practise all I learnt in the leadership training course, but I am in a more positive mindset.  Now I think there is a way to overcome the obstacles. I am convinced that it’s thanks to the interest and energy you (Virginia) put into understanding everyone’s behaviour and pushing us to understand how we react and behave that I have reached one of my main targets: I gained more self confidence !! You really played an important role during the training - convincing us that we are all able to improve and that it is not so hard to do so: we need to practise. The atmosphere you created during the course was very friendly so everyone was not afraid to be judged and could really speak openly. I still have a lot to do but you put me on the right tracks.”  Magali Capelli, Honeywell, France

“The four eye-openers that I took away from the Dynamic Woman Manager course are:
 1.  Women need to think more strategically when it comes to career decisions. Striving for professional excellence is fine, but relying on making yourself indispensable is a lost cause.
2. Matrix management is also management, and most probably it is more difficult than line management. Since you have to get commitment from contributors, over whom you have no executive authority. I have been doing matrix management for many years and I did it well. I can sell it as such.
3. Leadership skills are different from managerial skills. Leaders often do not have a formal title. I might be a leader and never get a managerial title.
4.  The importance of a personal mission statement and a vision where
I want to go in life. 
As regards your abilities as a trainer, I would say you play a great role in making people realise things that are important (maybe it might even take a while - as it did for me) without necessarily forcing them to accept your personal experience as the ultimate wisdom of the universe. In other words, you are a great coach who approaches people at an equal level and treats them as adults.   - Christine Gartner, European Central Bank, Germany

"This three-day leadership training was a great experience for me. The atmosphere that was created during the course was very exceptional.  I know that this was especially because of you, Virginia!  I was impressed by your way of listening and reacting in a clear, kind and effective way. Your style of helping and informing us to understand all kinds of issues was an excellent example for me!  I use you now as an example in my evolution to become a better manager!” - Miet V., Brussels, Belgium

It has been very difficult for me to find good women business mentors. As a training manager, I design leadership programs to assist woman managers to be promoted into senior executive positions. This is the reason I attended the 'Dynamic Woman Manager' course from my small island in the Far East (Japan).
Virginia has good experience to facilitate this program and in most cases, she gave us clear solutions how we can proactively improve our success in business situations. The course participants all came from different backgrounds and I really enjoyed working with them! What I gained most from this program is increased 'self confidence' which is sometimes a trap women fall into. This course was very beneficial for me personally and for my work.”  - Tamami Shirai, Sr Specialist Training, GE Consumer Finance, Japan

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