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Career Transition
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Activate Sustainable Decisions in Career and Life

Are you looking to enhance or change your career?
Define your ideal career path?  Find more satisfaction at work?
Enjoy greater fulfillment and life balance?
Follow your spouse/partner to a new geography?
Find a better fit with your current employer? Define your next career move?
Be more entrepreneurial? Start your own business?

 Our ‘Find YOUR Fit’ program could be your answer.

The ‘Find YOUR Fit’ career transition program offers you a tailor-made career and life ‘checkup and reboot’ package - designed for building a sustainable career in Switzerland and beyond. ‘Find YOUR Fit’ combines the talents, expertise and networks of two experienced professionals:

Virginia Williams, MBA, PCC, ICF certified professional and executive coach, former corporate executive, author, business founder and owner Ventures Worldwide Sàrl 

Carolyn Lutz, MBA, MA,BSci Psychology - experienced multicultural manager, executive search professional, business founder and owner Lutz & Partners Sàrl

Virginia and Carolyn partner with you - together or individually - to ‘Find YOUR Fit’ – combining professional coaching, specific career-related guidance, research resources, motivation, and concrete action plan to sustain your journey.

Depending on your specific needs, each of our ‘Find YOUR Fit’ options is flexible and covers:

    – Inventory - taking stock of who you are

    – Vision - getting clear about what you want

    – Road Map - co-creating how to get there

Engaging with us, you gain Focus, Structure, Motivation and Momentum to identify the way forward, take concrete steps to realize your desired career, develop practices to sustain your journey - while enjoying greater fulfillment and life balance.

 Contact us to learn more,
 to schedule an initial conversation and explore the options

-exclusively designed and offered by Lutz & Partners Sàrl and Ventures Worldwide Sàrl

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