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Vision, Purpose & Founder
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Purpose and Founder

purpose - to connect and engage with leaders in meaningful dialogue to co-create sustainable outcomes for a better world.
   ...a world where peace of mind, body, spirit and soul coexist in energetic harmony with all living beings and systems. 
   ...a world where individuals, teams and organizations generate values-based outcomes through mindful leadership, purposeful coordination and sustainable practices.
   ...a world where Goodness, Truth and Beauty thrive for all!

mission -  to create, deliver and evolve professional coaching and learning programs to inspire leaders and teams to generate lasting value and deepen personal satisfaction, happiness and professional success.  Engaging with clients to facilitate and unleash motivation for inspired performance, extraordinary results and peace of mind.

my promise - As Executive Coach and Learning Facilitator, my promise is to accompany leaders and teams to gain clarity, structure, meaning and motivation to achieve their goals and to produce sustainable profits and thriving human environments. Whether working independently or as part of a coaching team with my network partners, I work with clients to define a clear strategic plan based on core values and business objectives; coaching individuals and engaging individuals in teams within growing, transforming organizations; and also to design and facilitate breakthrough learning while enhancing strong, motivated organizational cultures for significant measurable results.

Ventures Worldwide provides Peaceful PRODUCTIVITY® Executive Coaching, business strategy & team coaching, leadership programs and learning facilitation for executives, business professionals and entrepreneurs. Among our clients are Swiss, European and global multinational companies, intergovernmental and nongovernnmental organizations. Results are delivered in collaboration with a field of selected coaches, facilitators and strategic partners using specific metric tools and programs whose effectiveness is proven. Contact us for an initial consultation to see how we might work with you to accomplish your goals and realize your dreams.

founder & managing director - Virginia Williams, MBA, PCC, NCC™Virginia Williams

As Managing Director of Ventures Worldwide SÓrl, Virginia is responsible for overall company strategy, direction and long-term development. She is an Executive Coach, business and team coach,  leadership and learning facilitator, author, speaker and provider of Peaceful PRODUCTIVITY®

Clients benefit from her strong background in professional coaching, leading teams, achieving results and respecting values-based strategies.  She works with top executives, team leaders, business owners, professionals and their teams helping them to achieve greater personal satisfaction and professional success.  She has earned her reputation by anticipating clientsĺ needs and enabling them to find meaning and to achieve results as promised or better. Virginia is a global citizen whose leadership is rooted in her inherent belief in human potential. Contact Virginia at

Professional Certified CoachVirginia earned the ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential and has logged over 5,000 hours coaching with clients.  The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the largest professional member association of professional coaches that seeks to build, support and preserve the integrity of professional coaching worldwide.  The Purpose of ICF is to advance the art, science and practice of professional coaching. Virginia served as the elected Board President/coPresident of ICF Switzerland from April 2006 through December 2011 and as Chapter Leader of ICF Chapter Suisse Romande 2005-2011. She chaired the highly successful  ICF European Coach Conference (ECC2008) in Geneva 26-28 June 2008 and co-chaired the International Coaching Week ICW2011 Geneva 8 & 9 February 2011. As an active member of ICF, she adheres to the ICF Code of Ethics (en) | Code de DÚontologie ICF (fr). To learn more about ICF Switzerland and Suisse Romande Chapter local activities, visit and about ICF global.

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